Top 5 videos about smart and funny dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend and no wonder it is so. They are loyal, like a true friend, and are incredibly smart. Well, you need to train them and keep them motivated but unlike cats, dogs will actually learn from you. Not every dogs are that intelligent, in that case, you can still teach them […]

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Powerball lottery blooper

Powerball lottery contestant gives honest answer on TV

Hope is a powerful thing. My grandfather played the lottery every week and for almost 50 years and never won anything. But he had hope and besides that, he also enjoyed the thrill of the drawings. He never played much, always kept his little hobby under control. However, for some people, it can become an addiction […]

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Female celebrities looking good over 40

Top female celebrities over 40 with a beautiful skin

Women, and especially famous women, who are constantly on the spotlight are expected to “go under the knife” once they cross their forties. Hollywood plastic surgery has become so common, that sometimes you can’t even tell if our favourite celebs have had a plastic surgery to improve their looks or not. And while the majority […]

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Hollywood stars then and now

Top 15 Hollywood movie stars then and now

Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art Stanislaw Jerzy Lec Hint: Pull the handle in the middle to reveal the pictures! Tom Cruise Age 53 Born in 1962, Tom Cruise started his career at the age of 19, with  his first movie Endless Love. According to the latest pictures, […]

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10 Most Wackiest Hotels in the World

There isn’t a dearth of luxurious hotels in the world. So, in order to stand out, many investors have started establishing peculiar hotels that provide a unique experience to occupants. The hotels provide a welcoming escapade to the occupants who seek for something out of the box. Today, we’ll dwell upon 10 of the wackiest […]

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10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Have you considered spending an astronomical fee for a one night stay at a hotel? When we mentioned “astronomical,” we didn’t mean to exaggerate, we meant to clarify the ridiculous amount of spending required to live fancy, and you need anywhere in between fifteen to eighty thousand dollars for a stay at the hotels mentioned […]

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Weird gadgets

Top 10 useless gadgets and stupid gift ideas

We are surrounded by objects and tools, that make our life easier. Everyday routines became easier with these clever inventions and we only realise their power, when they break or disappear. On the other hand, if you do a quick search for gadgets, you will find, that you can order the most hilarious, useless things […]

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Bat mobile limousine

Top 10 Most Expensive Limousines of All Time

In the world of limousines, there is no shortage in the amount luxurious commodities they offer. Most limos average around 200,000 dollars, though here are ten limos whose price is 1 million dollars and beyond. Oftentimes, people with cash to spend concentrate on very specific tastes and the only limits oftentimes are the imagination of […]

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dannemora prison escape 01

Killers escape maximum security prison Shawshank style

The two prisoners managed to escape a maximum security prison in Dannemora, NY last weekend. They used methods very similar to a popular Hollywood movie, Shawshank redemption. They simply dug their way out of the prison, being the first inmates to escape the facility, also known as “Little Siberia”. The state was offering a $100,000 […]

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ryan gosling eats cereal

Ryan Gosling eats his cereal finally and pays tribute

In case you would have lived in a cave in the last few years and not heard of the original meme "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal", here is a quick summary: Ryan McHenry created the meme, putting together snippets of Gossling's movies, as he was handing a spoon of cereal to the actor. Here is [...] Read More
3D drawing

Incredible freehand art turns into a 3D drawing

Watch this incredible time lapse video of a gifted artist creating a 3D drawing of an old Ford T model on paper. The result is really cool!

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What Kurt Cobain Left Behind, We Can All Learn From

  He left on the 5th of April 1994. Rock music has lost one of his biggest talent. Millions of fans were grieving. He is a legend in his own way. Now you can read a short list of Kurt Cobain’s legacy of thoughtful observations to once again be reassured what a wise man the king of grunge […]

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How much does it cost to be Batman?

How badly do you want to be Batman? How much does it cost to be Batman? These are two most important questions in the history of mankind.   The Batsuit alone is $1 million and you have to own at least 3 of it.

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Student’s faucet design saves water by swirling it into beautiful patterns

Simin Qiu, a design student in London’s Royal College of Art, had an idea about a luxurious-looking faucet that will save water by turning it into an amazing, elegant, swirling spiral. It works by sending the water through a double turbine, that spirals as water moves through it, creating an elaborate and beautiful lattice of water […]

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A McDonald’s Cheeseburger after 20 years

Is the delicious fast food really not aging? Let’s see a cheeseburger after 20 years! There are a lot of rumors going around how bad is fast food for you. It’s not just the supersize menus and the sugary beverages that might make you, say, bloated, but also the life expectancy of a simple cheeseburger that actually […]

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Airplane hotel

This Might Look Like An Ordinary Airplane, Wait Until You See What’s Actually Inside

If you have a taste for the extraordinary, you might want to book a few nights in this special hotel. Located in a rainforest resort near Quepos, Costa Rica, you will find this old Boeing aircraft hosting luxurious rooms, making it a proper airplane hotel.

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Tuna Lunch Turned Horribly Wrong

Zoe Butler was about to prepare some tuna lunch for her two kids. When she opened the can, she realized that there is something fishy – in more ways than one! This one came with an additional ingredient that came as a genuine shock: a pair of eyes gazed back at her! She was looking in the eyes of an unknown creature. […]

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Mexican Drug Lord Raided By Police, This Is What They Found

After raiding a Mexican drug lord’s house shocking images surfaced. The photos show several million dollars in cash (an estimated $200 million) as well other currencies, drugs, very valuable guns made of gold and the villa itself. No wonder nobody is trying to pick a fight with drug barons… Just watch!

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