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Bat mobile limousine

Top 10 Most Expensive Limousines of All Time

In the world of limousines, there is no shortage in the amount luxurious commodities they offer. Most limos average around 200,000 dollars, though here are ten limos whose price is 1 million dollars and beyond. Oftentimes, people with cash to spend concentrate on very specific tastes and the only limits oftentimes are the imagination of […]

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motorcycle maintenance

Motorcycle maintenance tips

Here are ten motorcycle maintenance tips that every motorcyclist should be aware of and check regularly to ensure proper motorcycle safety. Motorcycle Safety Starts with Correct Air Pressure in Tires Far too often, I see motorcyclists with a low tire or even two. Typically it is the back tire that ends up low. This causes […]

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BMW i8

BMW I8 Concept, Supercar of the Future

BMW I8 Concept By launching the BMW i3 and BMW i8 concept cars, the German carmaker is basically also launching a new brand, which is aimed at being as eco-friendly as possible without altering any of the traditional BMW values. The most impressive concept is definitely the BMW i8, a preview of the upcoming production […]

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Used Car Spotlight: BMW 3-Series

BMW 3 Although the Ford Model-T might be the car that brought “motoring to the masses” in this country, it was not until BMW unveiled its iconic BMW 3-series that we as a nation finally understood the concept of “automotive nirvana”. The BMW 3-series redefined what drivers expected from their vehicles – it taught people […]

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Audi Q5

2014 Audi Q5 2.0T Quattro SUV

Longterm Consumer Road Test: 2014 Audi Q5 2.0T Quattro SUV IMG We test a lot of SUVs each year and it is a rare case indeed when we get attached to these admittedly capable yet rarely exciting family haulers. But that was not the case with a very handsome Teak Brown Metallic 2014 Audi Q5 […]

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BMW: The Birth of Excellence

BMW: The Birth of Excellence Germany merged with Karl Rapp’s factory March 7 in 1916 originally forming the Bavarian Airplane Works. BAW specialized in the design and manufacturing of airplane engines. The company mainly produced the V-12 airplane engine. On July 21 in 1917, under the control of Karl Rapp, the company was renamed Bayerishe […]

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Motorcycling is a dangerous sport

Un type fait chuter une demoiselle en scooter! – Vidéo Dailymotion. Motorcycling is a dangerous sport so always wear a helmet and perhaps a passenger behind you to avoid situations like this… Someone call the ambulance!

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Angry Driver Takes Revenge by Filling the Car with CONCRETE

Heavy load, eh? If you want to use your car again, make sure you never cross paths with this man. This angry driver takes revenge by filling the car with concrete! His anger management therapy involves something you have never ever seen before… and yes, it has something to do with a car and liquid […]

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Guys Fail To Jump Over Moving Car

Guys Fail To Jump Over Moving Car. Yes, that’s about sums it up. You can do it concrete. You can do it on the lawn. You can do it on gravel.  But what’s the purpose of it, really? Is it to prepare for an actual accident? To imitate the guys on Jackass, who incessantly told […]

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Professional tank truck drifting

I bet he is professional at tank truck drifting! How would you handle such heavy load and equipment on the highway, which, measuring up to the size of a gigantic truck, can be quite narrow. This driver is not at all impressed by this handful task and drives in such a carefree manner as if […]

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Who let her drive?

Who let her drive? You know the feeling: cruising home real chilled on the highway from a party, talking to your friend… and bam, running over a dog. Okay, you may not know that feeling… But just watch what happens when she pops out of her car to check on the poor victim!

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Koenigsegg Driver Runs Over Spectators

Koenigsegg Driver Runs Over Spectators. It happened at the Gran Turismo Polonia motor show in Poland that the driver of a Swedish made Koenigsegg lost control over the vehicle – clearly, if you watch the video – and injured 19 people among nearby spectators. Dear driver, please give up car racing or driving – you […]

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You can surely drive if you pass this driving test!

You can surely drive if you pass this driving test! When you’re driving, you are controlled by signs and traffic lights or a traffic police officer in the absence of the latter. Sometimes a hassle, but definitely giving you not only control but a sense of security as well. Now imagine a street where none […]

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Feel the kiss of death on your neck?

Feel the kiss of death on your neck? Accidents are always sad: two cars crashing into each other, a pedestrian wrongfully hit by a car, someone getting injured by falling off a bike… This video, however, portrays a completely dumb human being who decided to tiptoe towards his destiny… even car drivers just sit and […]

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Land Rover driver’s battle with a Biker Gang

Easy riders? More like Hells Angels! A Land Rover got boxed in by a gang of bikers on a highway for no apparent reason. This battle with a biker gang resulted in more than just never having the chance to get in the fast lane without being cornered by a Harley in the rear or […]

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Hot girl in a 1200 HP Camaro

From a woman’s point of view: nothing like a nice sunny day, it is the first time I’m driven in a Chevrolet Camaro and nothing compares to the feeling when the gas pedal hits the floor. From a man’s point of view: a hot girl in a 1200 HP Camaro. Let’s use all the horsepower of […]

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Supercar drifts in snow

Supercar drifts in snow! Which one is your favorite supercar? The Bugatti Veyron Supersport? The Hennessey Venom GT? The Gumpert Apollo? A professional freeskier and alpine ski racer, Jon Olsson drifts a Rebellion R2K supercar on a snowy ski slope. A trained master of his trade, he drives the car with firm hands which results in both […]

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Drive recklessly – maybe you hit a dictator!

Drive recklessly – Maybe you will hit a dictator! Hitting a pedestrian is a horrible crime, but not all accidents are actually that bad as not all pedestrians are actually that innocent! This advertisement will make you seriously consider driving carelessly – just kidding, always pay attention and stay cautious but also watch this video […]

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