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Female celebrities looking good over 40

Top female celebrities over 40 with a beautiful skin

Women, and especially famous women, who are constantly on the spotlight are expected to “go under the knife” once they cross their forties. Hollywood plastic surgery has become so common, that sometimes you can’t even tell if our favourite celebs have had a plastic surgery to improve their looks or not. And while the majority […]

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Hollywood stars then and now

Top 15 Hollywood movie stars then and now

Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art Stanislaw Jerzy Lec Hint: Pull the handle in the middle to reveal the pictures! Tom Cruise Age 53 Born in 1962, Tom Cruise started his career at the age of 19, with  his first movie Endless Love. According to the latest pictures, […]

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ryan gosling eats cereal

Ryan Gosling eats his cereal finally and pays tribute

In case you would have lived in a cave in the last few years and not heard of the original meme “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal”, here is a quick summary: Ryan McHenry created the meme, putting together snippets of Gossling’s movies, as he was handing a spoon of cereal to the actor. Here is […]

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Robin Williams Dead at the Age of 63

Robin Williams committed suicide in his home in California at the age of 63, on August 11, 2014. The star of many Hollywood box office hits such as Good Morning Vietnam, Aladdin, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Mrs Doubtfire and the Night at the Museum battled depression and Parkinson’s disease. His legacy is undeniable as […]

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Loni Love Learns to Pole Dance

Loni Love Learns to Pole Dance. Loni Love, plus-sized comedienne embarked on a very dangerous mission Ellen DeGeneres assigned her to: …learn how to pole dance. Not the shy type, she pranced in the dance and fitness studio and soon become the rising star of the pole dancers although not by learning how to work […]

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Kate Upton Wishes You a Happy Easter!

Kate Upton Wishes You a Happy Easter! The Easter Egg Hunt is cancelled, this year we’ll be looking for boobies, booties and winking supermodels dressed as white bunnies! In the mood for hot cross buns? Well we certainly are!

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Jason Statham is the ultimate badass

Jason Statham is the ultimate badass. This glorious mashup video showcases Mr Statham’s best fights, complete with a bodycount, ever since he was 2 (!) years old! Whether he is fighting bad guys with axes, guns, knives, swords, blades, you know the opponent cannot stand a chance against the martial artist action hero. From The Transporter […]

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Kate Upton at a bikini shoot at the Antarctic

Kate Upton at a bikini shoot at the Antarctic! Curvaceous, voluptuous, her name is a synonym for lusty thoughts! Kate Upton has posed for the well-established Sports Illustrated that had featured many beauties in their famous Swimsuit Issues: Kathy Ireland, Heidi Klum, Christie Brinkley and even Beyonce! Now they put Kate Upton on the cover and […]

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Ricky Jay and his card control trick

Ricky Jay is a living legend. A stage magician, an actor and a writer, but most importantly, “perhaps the most gifted sleight-of-hand artist alive”. No wonder: whenever he shuffles cards, whatever he does, the man always knows where his aces at… and that card control is mesmerising and a bit frightening as well. Would you play poker with this […]

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Safety instructions in Paradise

When Air New Zealand, Sports Illustrated and a bunch of stunning supermodels in bikinis team up, you get Safety Instructions in Paradise. Can you actually count how many times you watched the safety demonstration on an airplane and fell asleep at the very beginning? This is a delivery of the instructions that you will not sleep […]

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