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A McDonald’s Cheeseburger after 20 years

Is the delicious fast food really not aging? Let’s see a cheeseburger after 20 years! There are a lot of rumors going around how bad is fast food for you. It’s not just the supersize menus and the sugary beverages that might make you, say, bloated, but also the life expectancy of a simple cheeseburger that actually […]

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Tuna Lunch Turned Horribly Wrong

Zoe Butler was about to prepare some tuna lunch for her two kids. When she opened the can, she realized that there is something fishy – in more ways than one! This one came with an additional ingredient that came as a genuine shock: a pair of eyes gazed back at her! She was looking in the eyes of an unknown creature. […]

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Scream for Ice Cream – ice cream man trolls the costumer

Ice cream man trolls the costumer like he has never been trolled before! – Hey man, can I get my treat already? – Sure, here it is! You asked for vanilla, sprinkles, whipped cream and sliced fruit, right? Aww what a pity you can’t have it yet!

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Surprising Kids With Gigantic Food

Surprising Kids With Gigantic Food, or, more precisely, a gigantic version of their most loved meals! When asking children about their favorite food it is hardly surprising that the answers barely vary between pizza, hamburger and fries, pancakes, mac and cheese. Challenge accepted and do you know the saying be careful what you wish for? […]

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When you mix coke and milk

Yummy! Why not mix coke and milk? This is not the Light Coke and Mentos showdown, but it also definitely proves that something weird is going on with coke. Just wait and see the shocking results only a few hours after the experiment!

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