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motorcycle maintenance

Motorcycle maintenance tips

Here are ten motorcycle maintenance tips that every motorcyclist should be aware of and check regularly to ensure proper motorcycle safety. Motorcycle Safety Starts with Correct Air Pressure in Tires Far too often, I see motorcyclists with a low tire or even two. Typically it is the back tire that ends up low. This causes […]

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BMW: The Birth of Excellence

BMW: The Birth of Excellence Germany merged with Karl Rapp’s factory March 7 in 1916 originally forming the Bavarian Airplane Works. BAW specialized in the design and manufacturing of airplane engines. The company mainly produced the V-12 airplane engine. On July 21 in 1917, under the control of Karl Rapp, the company was renamed Bayerishe […]

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Wheelie stop fail

  ▶ Chute moto crash humour – Vidéo Dailymotion. Wheelie stop fail on the highway but no stuntmen were hurt during this accident… and neither was this incredibly lucky biker! Maybe he just got used to the fact that he always arrives like this, who knows? Don’t try this on the road though!

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Motorcycling is a dangerous sport

Un type fait chuter une demoiselle en scooter! – Vidéo Dailymotion. Motorcycling is a dangerous sport so always wear a helmet and perhaps a passenger behind you to avoid situations like this… Someone call the ambulance!

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bike stunt

A scooter is not a bike to do stunts with :)

Chute de filles sur un scooter électrique – Vidéo Dailymotion. A scooter is not a bike to do stunts with! Next time at least put on a pair of sneakers and save the acrobatic moves for the vehicles of lesser speed. Check out a disastrous balancing act on a motorcycle and remember not to repeat!

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Land Rover driver’s battle with a Biker Gang

Easy riders? More like Hells Angels! A Land Rover got boxed in by a gang of bikers on a highway for no apparent reason. This battle with a biker gang resulted in more than just never having the chance to get in the fast lane without being cornered by a Harley in the rear or […]

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250 km/h and no helmet

250 km/h on a bike with no helmet on. Interesting choice? Since our hero filmed himself, he probably didn’t have to rush anywhere, he merely made an experiment. Why you do you need to wear a helmet on a motorbike in the first place? (And a jacket as a proper riding gear to protect your […]

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