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Powerball lottery blooper

Powerball lottery contestant gives honest answer on TV

Hope is a powerful thing. My grandfather played the lottery every week and for almost 50 years and never won anything. But he had hope and besides that, he also enjoyed the thrill of the drawings. He never played much, always kept his little hobby under control. However, for some people, it can become an addiction […]

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ryan gosling eats cereal

Ryan Gosling eats his cereal finally and pays tribute

In case you would have lived in a cave in the last few years and not heard of the original meme “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal”, here is a quick summary: Ryan McHenry created the meme, putting together snippets of Gossling’s movies, as he was handing a spoon of cereal to the actor. Here is […]

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audi rs4

All About the Audi RS4

All About the Audi RS4 Cabriolet IMG The Audi RS4 Cabriolet has an acceleration speed of zero – sixty-two in 4.90 seconds with at top speed of 155 mph. It also has a six speed manual transmission. The design of the Audi RS4 Cabriolet is convertible style with at displacement of 254.042 cubic inches and […]

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BMW: The Birth of Excellence

BMW: The Birth of Excellence Germany merged with Karl Rapp’s factory March 7 in 1916 originally forming the Bavarian Airplane Works. BAW specialized in the design and manufacturing of airplane engines. The company mainly produced the V-12 airplane engine. On July 21 in 1917, under the control of Karl Rapp, the company was renamed Bayerishe […]

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Robin Williams Dead at the Age of 63

Robin Williams committed suicide in his home in California at the age of 63, on August 11, 2014. The star of many Hollywood box office hits such as Good Morning Vietnam, Aladdin, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Mrs Doubtfire and the Night at the Museum battled depression and Parkinson’s disease. His legacy is undeniable as […]

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Wheelie stop fail

  ▶ Chute moto crash humour – Vidéo Dailymotion. Wheelie stop fail on the highway but no stuntmen were hurt during this accident… and neither was this incredibly lucky biker! Maybe he just got used to the fact that he always arrives like this, who knows? Don’t try this on the road though!

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18 Stunning Facts About Blondes

18 Stunning Facts About Blonds – Video Dailymotion. Blonde Ambition. Gentlemen prefer blondes. Blondes have more fun. And of course the infamous blonde jokes. Is the word spelt blonde or blond anyway? How many natural blondes are there in the world? Is it true that blonde women are prone to privileges? Find out everything about the […]

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Motorcycling is a dangerous sport

Un type fait chuter une demoiselle en scooter! – Vidéo Dailymotion. Motorcycling is a dangerous sport so always wear a helmet and perhaps a passenger behind you to avoid situations like this… Someone call the ambulance!

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bike stunt

A scooter is not a bike to do stunts with :)

Chute de filles sur un scooter électrique – Vidéo Dailymotion. A scooter is not a bike to do stunts with! Next time at least put on a pair of sneakers and save the acrobatic moves for the vehicles of lesser speed. Check out a disastrous balancing act on a motorcycle and remember not to repeat!

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Zombie gameZ Reality Show!

Zombie gameZ Reality Show! Have you ever dreamed about living your life as if it was a video game? Bonus points on every corner, bonus life after every level? Bonus lives are actually the very core of this cool reality show  – with zombies! The story: Baron Samedì (a voodoo God) has put a curse on […]

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Bloody suitcase bathroom prank

It only does take a few hours of preparation and a ghost to make people think twice before they ever use a public toilet again… I might skip the coffee, thanks!

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Angry Driver Takes Revenge by Filling the Car with CONCRETE

Heavy load, eh? If you want to use your car again, make sure you never cross paths with this man. This angry driver takes revenge by filling the car with concrete! His anger management therapy involves something you have never ever seen before… and yes, it has something to do with a car and liquid […]

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Guys Fail To Jump Over Moving Car

Guys Fail To Jump Over Moving Car. Yes, that’s about sums it up. You can do it concrete. You can do it on the lawn. You can do it on gravel.  But what’s the purpose of it, really? Is it to prepare for an actual accident? To imitate the guys on Jackass, who incessantly told […]

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Pilot Performs Emergency Landing With A Small Plane

Pilot Performs Emergency Landing With A Small Plane. In order to land a plane safely, ideally you need plenty of fuel, a stable hand, all the parts performing perfectly, i.e. the engine, the wings, the vertical stabilizer, the brakes, oh and did we talk about landing? You probably need all the landing gear you have. […]

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Mandanah’s drum solo Belly Dance

Mandanah’s drum solo Belly Dance. Ladies, did you know that belly dancing improves your balancing skills, your sense of femininity, your muscle toning, and even contributes to weight loss? Plus, you feel incredibly sexy while performing in front of a cheering audience going mad over you in just a thin little top. Hell yeah! It’s time […]

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Sleepy girl prank

Sleepy girl prank. Just watch out for the guy at the end, how disappointed he is! What would you do if one very sexy girl decided to fall asleep on your shoulder or in your lap in the park? She’s not homeless, she’s too pretty and tanned and groomed for that. She just leans on […]

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Goats riding horses!

Goats riding horses! Hey, pal, thanks for the ride! The horses in this video don’t seem to mind if baby goats are jumping on and off them, someone rides their back to help himself to food, or just has a quick ride around the stable. It turns out that miniature horses provide a lower ride, while […]

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Flying cat versus evil snake!

Flying cat versus evil snake! You HAVE to see the reaction of the cat! The chickens act pretty cavalier about the fact that there is a snake on the patio, but it is not the case with the fighter kitty, who decided to chase the intruder off his property. However, he did not count on […]

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