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How far could you shoot-2500 yards, 1.43 miles or 2.3 kms?

How far do you think you can shoot-2500 yards, 1.43 miles or 2.3 kms? Don’t worry if you are still deep in estimations… these distances are all the same! Watch this video depicting the most used rifle in the military sniper division in action and don’t forget to check out what happens to the projectile. When you […]

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Machine guns vs drones

If you always wanted to practice your aiming in a professional manner, it’s time to check out a shooting range with drones. Now, let’s discuss your weapon of choice. Air rifles? Full bore rifles? Shotguns? Go for a fill-blown machine gun experience! Yup, machine guns and target drones will give you the best training at discharging firearms.

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