Land Rover driver’s battle with a Biker Gang

Easy riders? More like Hells Angels!

A Land Rover got boxed in by a gang of bikers on a highway for no apparent reason. This battle with a biker gang resulted in more than just never having the chance to get in the fast lane without being cornered by a Harley in the rear or the front, but the driver, Alexian Lien was actually brake-checked by one one the riders, Christopher Cruz. Brake check is when someone pulls ahead of you and slows down drastically, causing you to enormous stress if and when to brake. When Lien struck the rider from behind, he stopped his car, but was immediately surrounded by the cyclists, who began beating his Land Rover. He panicked and started up the engines but in the ensuing chase he ran over some cyclists, and in revenge he was pulled from his car and got severely beaten.

Since one of the bikers was an undercover NYPD officer, he taped the whole incident and the footage was leaked all over the world.

Biker gangs are not people to mess with, if you are looking for a morale to this story… decide whose side you take in this highway drama.


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