Powerball lottery blooper

Powerball lottery contestant gives honest answer on TV

Hope is a powerful thing. My grandfather played the lottery every week and for almost 50 years and never won anything. But he had hope and besides that, he also enjoyed the thrill of the drawings. He never played much, always kept his little hobby under control. However, for some people, it can become an addiction and can not control how much they spend on lottery tickets. One thing is common, we are all seeking the jackpot, the big cash we might win one day. That will probably the day when I will walk in to my office, enter the office of my boss and let every bit of frustration out at him and in the end send him back where he belongs: hell. After that, I will systematically spend my money: buy a house, a yacht, sport cars, trendy clothes and everything that I have ever wanted. I would even travel and learn new things, I will have so much time. That is how most of us would imagine spending millions of dollars or euros. Well, not this guy here. When he is asked on a live show, how he would spend the money he would win the Powerball lottery, his answer is simply and straightforward: hookers and cocaine.