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This Might Look Like An Ordinary Airplane, Wait Until You See What’s Actually Inside

If you have a taste for the extraordinary, you might want to book a few nights in this special hotel. Located in a rainforest resort near Quepos, Costa Rica, you will find this old Boeing aircraft hosting luxurious rooms, making it a proper airplane hotel.

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Pilot Performs Emergency Landing With A Small Plane

Pilot Performs Emergency Landing With A Small Plane. In order to land a plane safely, ideally you need plenty of fuel, a stable hand, all the parts performing perfectly, i.e. the engine, the wings, the vertical stabilizer, the brakes, oh and did we talk about landing? You probably need all the landing gear you have. […]

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Safety instructions in Paradise

When Air New Zealand, Sports Illustrated and a bunch of stunning supermodels in bikinis team up, you get Safety Instructions in Paradise. Can you actually count how many times you watched the safety demonstration on an airplane and fell asleep at the very beginning? This is a delivery of the instructions that you will not sleep […]

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