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Top 5 videos about smart and funny dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend and no wonder it is so. They are loyal, like a true friend, and are incredibly smart. Well, you need to train them and keep them motivated but unlike cats, dogs will actually learn from you. Not every dogs are that intelligent, in that case, you can still teach them […]

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18 Stunning Facts About Blondes

18 Stunning Facts About Blonds – Video Dailymotion. Blonde Ambition. Gentlemen prefer blondes. Blondes have more fun. And of course the infamous blonde jokes. Is the word spelt blonde or blond anyway? How many natural blondes are there in the world? Is it true that blonde women are prone to privileges? Find out everything about the […]

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bike stunt

A scooter is not a bike to do stunts with :)

Chute de filles sur un scooter électrique – Vidéo Dailymotion. A scooter is not a bike to do stunts with! Next time at least put on a pair of sneakers and save the acrobatic moves for the vehicles of lesser speed. Check out a disastrous balancing act on a motorcycle and remember not to repeat!

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This will make you listen to classical music!

This will make you listen to classical music! What if all the ‘hits’ by Wagner, Dvořák and Mozart had a cool video? It’s high time they released one! Wait… OK, you get the point. But now classical music actually gets a video that is guaranteed to pin you to your seats and listen to the whole […]

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Jason Statham is the ultimate badass

Jason Statham is the ultimate badass. This glorious mashup video showcases Mr Statham’s best fights, complete with a bodycount, ever since he was 2 (!) years old! Whether he is fighting bad guys with axes, guns, knives, swords, blades, you know the opponent cannot stand a chance against the martial artist action hero. From The Transporter […]

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