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10 Most Wackiest Hotels in the World

There isn’t a dearth of luxurious hotels in the world. So, in order to stand out, many investors have started establishing peculiar hotels that provide a unique experience to occupants. The hotels provide a welcoming escapade to the occupants who seek for something out of the box. Today, we’ll dwell upon 10 of the wackiest […]

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Tuna Lunch Turned Horribly Wrong

Zoe Butler was about to prepare some tuna lunch for her two kids. When she opened the can, she realized that there is something fishy – in more ways than one! This one came with an additional ingredient that came as a genuine shock: a pair of eyes gazed back at her! She was looking in the eyes of an unknown creature. […]

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Ghost car from out of nowhere

The day is done, you’re driving home, you take the turn to the left as you always do and suddenly you end up in a car crash. Why? Because ghosts exists. And they travel around in a ghost car that just pops up from out of nowhere. Scary, isn’t it?

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10 Interesting tables #4

This lemon design table would be the sunshine of all living rooms. via coolthingsworld

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10 Weird utensil #9

Popcorn fork,not much to say about it,the only thing is that we can’t really  use in the cinema. via blisstree

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10 Weird utensil #8

It might be perfect for sommeliers.Or for a single person,specialy for the one who is lazy to hold the glass. via huffingtonpost

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10 Weird utensil #6

Perfect for salads. 🙂 via chirkup.me

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10 Weird utensil #5

Special made utensils.It has been used by Dracula. via chirkup.me

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10 Weird utensil #11

Made for children,but i never saw them before used by kids. via Cirkup.me

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10 Weird utensil #2

This one combines a can opener,bottle opener and a spoon.Probably used in the army. via Chirkup.me

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