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Top 10 Most Expensive Limousines of All Time

In the world of limousines, there is no shortage in the amount luxurious commodities they offer. Most limos average around 200,000 dollars, though here are ten limos whose price is 1 million dollars and beyond. Oftentimes, people with cash to spend concentrate on very specific tastes and the only limits oftentimes are the imagination of the people in question. Because of this, limos are at the absolute pinnacle of luxurious vehicles.

#10 Lamborghini Aventador Stretch Limo – Value: $ Unknown

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Anyone who hears the name Lamborghini will instantly think of luxury and with this stretch limo, luxury has been brought up to amazing new heights. A traditional Lamborghini is expensive enough, which might explain the reason that this limo is still in the planning faces. With the finest of champagne sets, a superb audio system and leather seats, this is one limo that is only for the elite of the elite. The value of this limousine is therefore, unknown, as there are likely to be few owners who would be willing to make the conversion.