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Top 10 useless gadgets and stupid gift ideas

We are surrounded by objects and tools, that make our life easier. Everyday routines became easier with these clever inventions and we only realise their power, when they break or disappear. On the other hand, if you do a quick search for gadgets, you will find, that you can order the most hilarious, useless things over the internet. Some of them are made to be funny gifts, while others are trying to give an answer to non-existing problems. We have compiled a list of the most useless gadgets you can buy today. Enjoy!

Thanks to WTFGadgets for the awesome ideas!

Social Media Shower Curtain

Social media shower curtain
The social media shower curtain could be the perfect gift for any social media addicts! It has a transparent window, where you can place your head for an authentic profile photo. It will surely be the main topic of the evening when you invite your friends over. This original piece of modern interior design could be your for about 15 bucks.