Female celebrities looking good over 40

Top female celebrities over 40 with a beautiful skin

Women, and especially famous women, who are constantly on the spotlight are expected to “go under the knife” once they cross their forties. Hollywood plastic surgery has become so common, that sometimes you can’t even tell if our favourite celebs have had a plastic surgery to improve their looks or not. And while the majority seems to go this route, there are still some celebs, who according to experts or people who have worked with them, that chose to age gracefully and opt for more natural and less invasive means to look better for their age. If you ask us, these female celebs prove that you can look 100 times better without plastic surgery in your forties (and even beyond). Their so called beauty gurus or even themselves have revealed their secrets:

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jeniffer lopez attributes her “famous skin glow” to a mixture of good genes, a healthy diet, her lifestyle and special targeted skincare treatments. In her appearance of Dr.Oz show, she emphasized drinking lots of water and avoiding anything that could potentially damage your skin e.g. direct sun, alcohol, drugs, and so on for keeping your skin looking at its best.

Besides the above common holistic skincare routines, Jennifer Lopez has also been found to visit spas and salons that offer non-invasive yet modern and effective skincare treatments that help revive and regenerate the skin from within. Lately, she has been using CACI non-surgical facial lift treatment, a type of treatment that uses electricity ions and has a special integrated mechanism to lift skin tissue and stimulate collagen synthesis, for a more youthful looking complexion.