Alligator Prank Is Fun Until Police Arrives

Published on April 27, 2014 by elr08042015

For most people, a nice and warm afternoon is the time for a stroll on the beach, go out to meet friends or have a scoop of ice cream. Slow down, enjoy doing nothing serious and forget about work. But for some, such a nice a beautiful, sunny day in the park seems like a perfect time to kick off a mean prank. A prank, that of course scares the living soul out of those, who just want to relax. This guy took it to the next level with his horrifying alligator prank. Everything is nicely planned for a scary afternoon: take an alligator decoy, attach it to a remote controlled boat and let it float in the lake. It’s all fun for the prankster, until the police arrives and start to ask about his shady hobby.

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