Burglars clear out jewellery store in 60 seconds

Published on November 18, 2015 by elr08042015

This video from The Telegraph shows a gang of 4 clearing out a Jewellery store in East Grinstead just under 60 seconds. The four men were extremely effective: opened the door without any hassle, smashed the glass vitrines and grabbed everything they could. One might think, that a store like this has a secure entrance, like an enforced door, with cold forged steel bars for maximum protection. Well, reality turns out to be totally different. The footage from the Sussex Police shows, that the door was not designed to hold back criminals. They easily enter the store and grab all things valuable in a matter of seconds. Let’s hope that the owner had an insurance, otherwise this will be a very expensive lesson.

Jewellery store robbery CCTV

Doesn’t look like a top security door…

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