New Minions mini-movie The Competition is here to make you laugh

Published on November 24, 2015 by elr08042015

Minions are adorable little creatures, always up to something nasty and dangerous. The world first saw them in the 2010 animation movie ‘Despicable Me’ and although they were not the main character of the movie, they immediately became popular. So popular indeed, that they now have their own movie and a bunch of merchandises, including talking plastic figures with a popular fast food chain and plush dolls. The Minions already made it to success and the number of situations and scenes are endless. Their clumsiness will always make you laugh, or at least smile. As they don’t speak any officially registered language currently known to mankind, the comic situations come from the visual jokes. Their funny mumble is just an addition to the hilariously funny scenes. So if you like the Minions, you will be delighted to hear, that Illumination Entertainment created a new mini-movie titled ‘The Competition’, where the two troublemakers are trying to compete each other in a never ending battle…

If you are a collector and want to have the Minions on your shelf, make sure you look for the Blueray and DVD editions available this month, including a 3D version. What a terrific Christmas present!

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