Resident Evil 6 DeathMatch 36

Published on June 7, 2014 by kalack

So, you guys don’t know this, but it has been more then 2 months since I’ve played a DM for real, and I was away from RE6 for almost a month due to work… playing DM with friends became a really bad habit, where most of the times I let someone else win to avoid drama, there is always drama…
These matches were made on 02/06/14, when I got back to the game, and actually were the only ones I did that day, and after the last match, I trew my controller across the sofa and turned off PS3, you’ll understand why after the 3 last matches and it’s no surprise I’m totally out of practice so if you are expecting “awesome” don’t even start to watch, I promise that my next vid will me playing like I never left the game, but to those who are gonna endure this video, thanks for watching!

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