Shaolin monk runs on water, breaks his own record

Published on September 7, 2015 by elr08042015

We all heard amazing stories about Shaolin Monks, how they can break a spear with their necks, lay on a bed of nails while someone breaks a huge stone on their chest and so on. Running on water was only a nicely done scam, until now. Apparently, a Shaolin Monk named Shi Liliang from China’s Quanzhou Shaolin Temple ran a full 125 metres on water, breaking the previous world records set by himself. To be fair, he had a little bit of a help: he used 200 squares made of plywood, floating on the surface of the water. He used this simple ‘pontoon bridge’, stretching from one bank to another, to cover the distance. If you think it made it easy, you might be wrong. You need to be in perfect shape and must be pretty fast with your legs to get to the other side.

Source: DailyMail

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