Skydiver only opens parachute when Rubik’s cube solved

Published on September 10, 2015 by elr08042015

Solving a Rubik’s cube is not an extreme sport. One would think, that these toys are only for hardcore geeks, who attend fantasy playing card evening with their geek friends. Skydiver Chris Walker seems to be a person, who likes challenges and enjoys a good dose of adrenaline to balance the cube-solver geek in him. He jumps out of an airplane with a parachute and a Rubik’s cube and will only open the chutes when the cube is solved. He looks quite relaxed falling from the sky, while fiddling about the cube. I almost got a heart attack just by watching it.

Source: Skydiver solves Rubik’s Cube while free-falling! by ChrisWalker on Rumble

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