This extreme orchestra is playing music by tossing coins

Published on September 9, 2015 by elr08042015

Japanese companies tend to make extraordinary video ads for their products. Take this Suntory whisky ad for example, where they create a beautiful ice sculpture using a precision robotic CNC machine. This time, Japanese energy drink brand, Shuchu came up with an insane concept, which involves an extreme orchestra of scientists in white lab coat. Take 43 glass cups on a table, filled with water, each of them representing a musical note. Across the room, a group of 43 people are ready to toss a coin into each of these glasses. As the coin hits the cup, it resonates on it’s own frequency. The magic happens, when the melody is played back at a lower speed: you will hear the ‘Minuet’, a song composed by the famous Austrian composer Mozart. To make it super high-tech, the video was captured by a Phantom 4K camera, capable of recording 1000 frames per second, attached to a robotic arm. Awesome.

If you like visual tortures, you can visit the official Shuchu website for a painful experience. (ಠ_ಠ)_%



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