If you drive a car regularly, then avoiding the rain is almost inevitable. At some point, you just cannot avoid getting around on a rainy day. Having perfectly working heated windshield wipers will be of valuable help to you especially during winter season. asides keeping the windscreen clean, Crystal Clear Blades  wipers are also very key and vital safety accessories in a vehicle.

Wipers have evolved over the years. Mary Anderson was first awarded the patent for a window cleaning device which dates back to 1903 in New York; sadly she didn’t make any progress out of it till the patent expired. Folberths was the first automated wipers invented in 1921; this device was fixed onto a tube with the inlet pope with the car’s motor. In 1936 Bosch broke the jinx by manufacturing the first electronic wiper, albeit just for luxury vehicle brands and models. Fortunately, times have moved on and development has made the windshield appear so trivial that people tend to disregard their importance in this modern times. Below are a few hacks to help you troubleshoot any wiper related issues you may be facing.

The wipers won’t just come alive: This could be a problem arising from the internal motor. Visit your local auto mechanic shop to have it fixed.

The wiper’s engine heats up or is making an unpleasant sound: This could most likely be as a result of the linkage – a bent or damaged linkage. Another reason could be the wrong placement of the arms at the linkage pivots, reinstalling the wiper arms should fix that.

The wipers starts malfunctioning: If this happens, do not panic. This could most likely be caused by a bad, damaged, loosened or burnt fuse. Check out the circuit breaker too. Replace or properly install any bad fuses.

Electrical power challenges: This could mean that the switch terminals are worn out or corroded. In this case, simply clean them out and remove the rusty areas. In the event that it isn’t corroded, you may have to replace the faulty switch with a new one. If there isn’t any existing ground circuit for the motor, then fix the ground circuits.

The wiper isn’t moving properly: Sounds ironic, but the wiper also should be cleaned to adequately do your windscreen cleaning too! Use a multipurpose cleaner and clean the hinge pin, wiper arm, turn spring and joint mechanism.

Most people assume that the small things do not matter and cannot be a deciding factor out on the road. The smallest of detail could be the thin margin between an accident and an averted mishap. Accidents do happen due to disregard for the small details. And yes, your windshield included! Be sure your wipers are good to go at all times.

If you take good care of your car, you ultimately add to its value, your wipers and windshield included too. One of the perks of this maintenance is that you can always get good value for your car should you be willing to sell.

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