Learning to drive is exciting. Is your child old enough to secure a license? The minimum age requirement in Australia to obtain a Leaner License is 15.9 years. Getting behind the wheel involves tremendous responsibility. Learning only the basics of driving wouldn’t suffice. There is much more to driving including learning road rules and safety driving measures.

One can master driving only by experience and it is highly beneficial if safe driving knowledge is imparted right from beginning. There are many states which require new drivers to complete professional driving classes before securing a license. Driver education programs offered by driving schools teach the necessary driving skills and techniques to handle real-life situations.

Choose the right driving school:

The choice of driving school makes a significant impact of the driving learning process. If you are looking for a good Melbourne driving school, choose one based on the below considerations:

  • Recommendations: Ask for recommendations. Use Google to get a list of best driving schools in your area and read reviews. LTrent Driving School is one of the top driving schools in Melbourne with a team of experienced and friendly driving instructors. You’ll receive ample hours of driving training which leaves you more confident.
  • Curriculum: Driving school websites generally contains information about their driver education program curriculum. The top driving schools follow a systemised training program covering a wide range of skills and safety concepts. Choose a driving school which follows as an in-depth curriculum.
  • License: Check if the shortlisted driving schools hold a license approved by the state and is certified.
  • Instructor credentials and class size: Improper training could result in a costly mistake. Find out the instructor’s credentials. Check if he holds a MTO Provincial Instructor Licence and is insured. Opt for ones who handle small group sizes so that there is extra attention provided for each student.
  • Price: Though price isn’t a top concern, enquire about the payment plans of different driving schools. Low priced ones may not provide great training while super-pricey ones don’t necessarily mean their training is great either. Compare the quotes of all driving school and settle for the best deal.
  • Safety: What is the safety measures followed? How safe is the vehicle the students practice driving? The vehicle used by the driving school must be safe, spacious and equipped for winter driving.
  • Flexibility: Since your teens are still in high school there may be instances where they cannot make it to a driving session since they have to take part in some extracurricular activities, a game or is feeling sick. Ask the driving school how they will make up for the missed classes. A driving school which is flexible works better.
  • Extra services: Some driving schools provide extra services. Would they be willing to spend more time on a particular aspect of driving which the student finds difficult initially? Some offer pick-up and drop services too.

Driver education accompanied by parent-supervised driving cut down the risk of teen crashes. Safe driving saves lives and is the need of the hour.

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