Driving gives you a sense of freedom, but it even brings along a sense of responsibility. Therefore, you must focus more on learning proper driving skills, rather than just passing a driving test. To ensure this, it is important to choose a proper driving school as well as a dependable instructor.

Fortunately, there are many good driving schools like Pass First Go in Ballina, and under the guidance of their experienced instructors, you will learn driving in no time. However, instead of simply depending on the references provided by family and friends, it is best if you research a school or instructor yourself.

Here are the top 5 questions which you must ask when looking for driving schools. Schools and instructors who can provide dependable answers to these questions are definitely worth working with.

Top 5 questions you must ask your driving school and/or instructor

  1. What license and certifications do you hold?

The driving instruction industry needs to follow some rules and regulations, as well as have some specific license and accreditations. Make sure that you only take driving lessons Ballina from instructors with proper accreditations. For instance, it is necessary for Ballina for a driving instructor to hold a Valid Driving Instructor’s license.

  1. Since how many years are you working as an instructor?

It is always good to work with someone who has enough experience in the field. In this case, learning from an experienced driver will ensure you will learn the techniques which are tried and tested.

  1. Is it going to be a one-on-one session?

Every individual is different and has different preferences. While some may like the company during their driving sessions, many will prefer a one-on-one session. However, as far as driving lessons are concerned, it is best if you are alone in the car with the instructor. So, no matter what your preference is, do ask this question.

  1. What car will it be?

A car that is small to medium in size is considered as one of the best to learn driving. However, it is important to consider age as well as the safety features of the car. Besides, if you have a preference for an automatic or a manual car, it is important to check that as well.

  1. Why should I choose you?

This question is not rude, and in fact, it can give you some better info about the school as well as the instructor. Any reputed school will be able to give you a list of reasons explaining why they are better compared to others. Register with a school that can convince you what is best for you.

Lastly, make sure you verify that the school you are planning to learn from is a licensed driving school. Yes, this might seem a little odd, but sadly many websites pose as a driving school, but truly are booking agents working for freelance driving instructors.

Most of these instructors are not worth learning from and are hardly interested in teaching you the right driving skills. So, when it comes to taking driving lessons in Ballina, you should work with reliable driving schools like passfirstgo.com.au.

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