When looking for your next vehicle, begin your search at the Mitsubishi dealership in Baton Rouge. Mitsubishi has long been known as one of top manufacturers when it comes to reliability. In fact, the Mitsubishi Lancer won most reliable car from 1997 all the way up until 2012. That’s pretty impressive! 


Which Mitsubishi vehicle is going to be the right fit for you, your family, your driving needs, and your daily responsibilities? There’s plenty of options at the Mitsubishi dealership, so it’s up to you to decide! Your options include:


Outlander Even if you don’t know much about the Mitsubishi brand yet, you already know great things about the Outlander. It’s the top-selling, most talked about vehicle in the lineup and there’s a good reason for this. The featured-filled family SUV consistently wins award after award. The Outlander was built for families, road-trips, versatility, utility, and everything in between. Plus, it has style! The sleek, angular front grill exudes confidence and gives way to smooth curves for a drive as stylish as it is practical.


Outlander PHEV If you want everything there is to love about the Outlander, but in an eco-friendly package, you’re looking for the Outlander PHEV. Because it’s an electric hybrid, it’s both efficient and adventure-ready! This vehicle is a crossover with 4×4 off-road capabilities that uses both electric and gas power. Plug it in and use regenerative power to charge the electric battery, and fill it up every once in a while at any gas station you come across.


Eclipse Cross When you see a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross for the first time, you’ll think for sure you’re looking at a much more expensive, luxury crossover. Can a vehicle that looks this good actually be capable and adventure ready? Yes! The 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross offers an unconventional design, created for those who tread their own path. Sharp, sculpted exterior lines exude confidence, while the premium finish in whichever color you choose radiates vibrancy and personality. It is dynamic design that captivates. This is the Mitsubishi standard!


Outlander Sport If the regular Outlander isn’t quite off-road ready enough for you, Mitsubishi has a fantastic option. The Outlander Sport is built to handle any adventure you have in mind! This is the most rugged Mitsubishi yet. With its bold, new front end, the 2020 Outlander Sport is more prepared than ever to conquer any road trip or off roading fun.


Mirage With a city–smart size, a best–in–class turning radius, and all the cargo capacity you need, the Mitsubishi Mirage is just the right amount of car for tight parking spots, traffic, running errands and everything else in life.


Mirage G4 This is a Mirage you can’t miss! This car is perfect for city commuters who care just as much about style as finding a parking spot they can fit into. With ample legroom, plenty of trunk space for storage, plus the ultimate convenience of a back seat pass-through, the Mirage G4 feels much larger than it looks.


Which Mitsubishi is right for you? Take one, two, or all of them for a test drive to decide!

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